Wrongfully Fired Security Guard Pushes Motorcycle For 6 Hours From KL To Penang

His motorcycle ran out of fuel and he did not have any money left.

Cover image via Info Berita Semasa/Facebook

Recently, a fired security guard was forced to push his motorcycle for six hours from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Penang after it ran out of fuel

According to a post on Facebook group Info Berita Semasa, the KL-based security guard, who remained anonymous, was was found pushing his bike under the hot sun on the side of the highway in Tapah, Perak.

The Good Samaritan who spotted the tired security guard was Facebook user Iwan Putra, who was on his way from KL to Seberang Perai, Penang on Sunday, 5 January.

Initially, Iwan was hesitant to help, fearing that something bad might happen as he was alone in the car

However, Iwan decided to offer the security guard a ride as he knew exactly what it felt like to push your motorcycle back home with nobody stopping to extend their help.

Although the security guard repeatedly denied Iwan's offer at first, he later relented and allowed Iwan to give him a lift to Penang.

Iwan explained that the security guard, who was orphaned as a child, was on his way back to his hometown in Nibong Tebal, Penang after being fired from his job

Unfortunately, his motorcycle ran out of gas near Tanjung Malim, Perak, forcing him to push his bike for the past six hours as he had no money left to refill his tank.

Speaking to mStar, Iwan said that the security guard was only given a RM5 compensation after not being paid for two months.

"He used the RM5 to fill up his bike at Bukit Jalil in KL and it lasted only until Tanjung Malim, which is where he started to push his bike," Iwan added, as quoted by mStar.

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Although accommodation, food, and beverages were provided, the security guard did not receive any form of salary for the past two months

"When he asked if he could send his pay back home to his village instead of giving it to him, his boss got angry and fired him, saying that he never wanted to see his face again," Iwan wrote in the Facebook post.

Upon reaching Penang, Iwan dropped the security guard off at a petrol station

"I gave him RM10. I wanted to give more but I did not have much money myself, so i just gave what I could," Iwan wrote.

"Previously, I felt that God did not give me much. But I am thankful for this experience and I feel grateful for what I have now," he added.

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