Here's How This Local Tudung Brand Managed To Double Their Sales In Just Two Weeks

They recorded an additional RM10,000 in revenue!

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Owning a business is never easy, especially when running one in a competitive industry

With so many different options out there, consumers are spoiled for choice, which can make it difficult for a business to stand out from the crowd. This is especially true for industries like fashion or F&B, which are highly competitive markets. And despite trying various marketing techniques, many entrepreneurs still struggle to draw attention to their business.

This struggle is one that local entrepreneur Puan Norsalsabila Zawawi, the owner of, can definitely relate to is a small Kelantan-based shop selling embroidered hand-made tudung bawal both online and offline.

Puan Norsalsabila started selling hijab to her female colleagues in 2017, which eventually led her to running her business on Instagram. With many similar tudung shops out there, especially online, she knew that had to step up their game and be seen as relevant to the market, in order to earn the interest and trust of customers.

Some of the tudung options sold by

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Despite running the operations single-handedly out of her home in Kelantan, she had slowly worked on her social media game to expand her audience, targeting Instagram customers in Selangor, Johor, and Seremban. Without using any advertising tools other than boosting her Instagram posts, she made sales ranging from RM5,000 to RM7,000 per month.

When Puan Norsalsabila learned about an innovative digital marketing tool called REV Ad Manager (RAM), she decided to give it a try

A customer sporting one of's designs.

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RAM is a unique solution that empowers brands and agencies to target audiences based on strategic consumer insights.

Puan Norsalsabila decided to run campaign ads for two weeks with RAM, incorporating two ad types — awareness and performance. With an investment of RM2,000, her campaign ads gained 0.28% CTR (click through rate) from MREC and a rise to 4.46% CTR for mobile sticky bottom ads.

As a result of this, recorded an additional RM10,000 in revenue by the end of the two-week campaign, with the RAM ads having instantly doubled their sales!

The self-serve platform RAM is a collaboration between REV Media Group, the leading digital publisher in Malaysia and digital arm of Media Prima Berhad, and Dattel Asia Group

Aiming to empower local small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and get them to reach out to more targeted audiences, it enables you to have access to 39 media assets and 15.8 million unique consumers for your brand.

Enjoy these advantages for your brand when you work with RAM:
- You don't buy channels, you buy into network audiences
- You don't have to choose channels, RAM will recommend and serve the most suitable ones
- Enjoy strategic audience targetting with AI consumer models

With these five easy steps, you can use RAM to put your business worries to rest:

1. Create campaign
2. Create audience
3. Create creative
4. Pay & publish ad
5. Get performance report

Get in touch with RAM, so that you too can run effective campaigns beyond social media by grabbing your customers' attention via local Malaysian premium websites

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