We Toured Around Samsung's Digital City In Suwon, South Korea, And I Wanna Work Here Now

If you're my boss, I'm JK.

Cover image via Hafiz Zainuddin/SAYS

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Deep within the reaches of Suwon, South Korea, rests a 'Digital City' from one of the largest companies in the world, Samsung Electronics

The Digital City is its main HQ, where all the designs and applications of Samsung products are tried and tested for the first time by a diverse group of more than 65,000 employees! :O 

We recently got the opportunity to visit the Digital City to get an insider's look at how Samsung operates its esteemed workplace.

The first thing you'll notice as you step into its headquarters is an elaborated museum that tells the history of South Korea's electronics industry

Essentially, the museum offers visitors a comprehensive journey through Samsung's technological advancements and innovations since its founding in 1969.

It covers a wide range of products and technologies developed by Samsung, from consumer electronics such as televisions, mobile phones, and home appliances to semiconductors, displays, and other cutting-edge technologies.

We managed to take a peek into various multimedia displays, interactive exhibits, and immersive installations that provide an engaging and informative experience for visitors.

The exhibits highlight Samsung's role in shaping the electronics industry and its contributions to technological progress over the years.

As we ventured further in, we got to learn more about how the tech giant fosters innovation.

Did you know Samsung encourages their employees to pitch and start their own business ideas? :O

As part of its creative corporate culture, Samsung operates a creative lab called the C-Lab programme that encourages employees to pitch innovative business ideas.

Through this, employees can turn their ideas into businesses and independently manage them, while Samsung Research provides funds and consulting.

According to Samsung, employees who leave to manage their own startups are also given a three-year window to return to Samsung if they wish to.

There is also a dedicated experience home centre where Samsung tests out all its latest smart devices

Called Samsung eXperience Home, this digital-themed house emulates a sustainable and technology-powered smart home for visitors to experience. 

They collectively work together to explore an extensive range of smart home solutions from home networks to connectivity of devices. 

Sadly, photography is prohibited in the Samsung eXperience Home as it is purely designed for onsite experience with a guided tour.

Thank you Samsung for letting us tour the famed and illustrious Digital City!

Now the real question is, are y'all hiring? :P 

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