Jasmine Curtis Is A Lesbian In This Film Every Millennial Will Relate To

She also talks about their kissing scene which is technically her first "on screen kiss".

"Baka Bukas" just released their official trailer and it's awesome!

Screen capture of "Sana Bukas" trailer

Image via Samantha Lee

This movie talks about Alex, played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith. She is a lesbian in Manila who tries to find love. Although she found it in the most awkward of places, her best friend Louise.

It's a tale of coming out and being your true self.

Director Samantha Lee wanted to conceptualize a film that would give representation to the LGBT community that "went beyond the portrayals that are shown in mainstream media," she told CNN

Director Samantha Lee

Image via The Dandy Project

"I conceptualized the film because I wanted to see a representation of the LGBT community that went beyond the portrayals that are shown in mainstream media. The characters in this film are fully flawed functional human beings. They are more than just an accessory to the plot, they are the plot."

Screen capture of "Sana Bukas" trailer

Image via Samantha Lee

And functional human beings, they are. Jasmine's character Alex is juggling multiple jobs, which a lot of millennials in the arts can relate too.

It is included in the roster of this year's Cinema One Originals film festival which will be held on Nov 14-22

Screen capture of "Sana Bukas" trailer

Image via Samantha Lee

It will be shown at Trinoma Cinema, Gateway Cinema, Greenhills and Cinematheque.

This festival hopes to bring a different breed of film makers together. Bringing in multiple layers of diversity and breeding a variety of interpretations for viewers.

The objective is for the viewer to see the different perspectives of the same thing, which is beautiful.

Jasmine, who hasn't had her first "on-screen kiss" was very open to doing it for this film

Screen capture from "Sana Bukas" trailer

Image via Samantha Lee

"It touches on that (LGBT) but, more importantly, it's about a story of two human beings talaga. More than anything it's about love,” she said.

She also told PEP that she thinks lesbians are "taboo" 'cause people are not comfortable with them. That's why she never hesitated taking the role.

She has also watched the French film "Blue is the Warmest Color" which is one of the most famous lesbian films of all time

Blue is the Warmest Color

Image via ytimg.com

Watch the full trailer here:

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