This Kid Hugged Mom's Coffin And Asked Why She Didn't Sleep Beside Him

"Bakit di ko katabi na matulog si Mama?"

This (big smiler) five-year-old boy, Khayne Kheian Naelgas Castro, lost his mother Katherine "Kaye" Naelgas Castro on 25 June while giving birth to his brother, Cyril Khayzer, in the local hospital located at San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

Image via Marichu Gabriel

During Kaye's burial, her mother-in-law, Marichu Gabriel (Chuchubelles Gabriel), saw Khayne dragging a chair to step on so that he could look at her 'sleeping' mom inside the coffin...

Image via Marichu Gabriel

What Mrs. Gabriel witnessed totally broke her heart. She shared her sentiments to her friends on Facebook and posted his photos on her timeline

Mrs. Gabriel asked on her post, "How do you explain when your little kid asks, "Bakit 'di ko katabi na matulog si Mama?" (Why is Mama not sleeping beside me?)

"He dragged the chair by himself and climbed to embrace his mama. My heart stopped when I saw this," added Gabriel on her post.

Image via Marichu Gabriel

Here's the full post of Mrs. Gabriel:

Three days after Kaye's death, Mrs. Gabriel recorded Khayne singing KZ Tandingan's song, "'Wag Ka Nang Umiyak", and dedicated it to her mother

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved loved ones of Kaye, the Castro and Gabriel families. We offer our
prayers for your strength and peace.

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