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Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX: Pros, Cons, & Everything You Need To Know

The portable speaker is both stylish and powerful. But does it live up to its hype?

Cover image via Tivoli Audio

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Tivoli Audio recently introduced SongBook MAX, a portable speaker that blends nostalgia with modern audio technology

The Bluetooth-powered audio device is touted to be both versatile and powerful, allowing you to experience your favourite music indoors and outdoors.

Priced at RM3,499, the audio device comes with a carry handle, a 10-hour battery life, a built-in preamp, FM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Featuring a modern-vintage design that's both charming and stylish, you have the option of purchasing the SongBook MAX in two colours: green and a combination of cream and brown.  

We had the opportunity to test the Audio SongBook MAX. While Tivoli Audio's latest portable retro speaker certainly lives up to its promise of delivering quality sound, there were some minor issues that bugged us.

One of the first things that stands out about the Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX is its charming and stylish retro design

Image via Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio put a lot of thought into designing the look and feel of the SongBook MAX, and the results speak for themselves.

With its classic retro look reminiscent of vintage guitar amplifiers from the '60s and '70s, the SongBook MAX is an ideal conversation starter whenever you're hosting family and friends at home or enjoying outdoor gatherings in the park. It also adds a charming touch to home decor.

The portable speaker's aesthetic is enhanced by the analogue EQ sliders for bass, mid, and treble adjustments, and sturdy toggle switches for on/off control. The sliders, switches and knobs are tactile, smooth, and easy to use, providing a sweet sense of satisfaction whenever we interacted with them.

Weighing at 5.2kg, the SongBook MAX's build quality is robust. The device is designed to be both durable and stable.

The SongBook MAX is built for big sound and a larger-than-life audio experience that's rice and immersive

Image via Tivoli Audio

The audio device comes with a subwoofer, a midrange driver and a tweeter. This allows the SongBook MAX to deliver powerful sound capable of filling up an entire hall while maintaining audio clarity and transparency.

When Tivoli Audio says the SongBook MAX is versatile, they mean it. The boombox speakers can be used as a home theatre system while watching your favourite TV series and movies, for workouts, picnics, and even intimate events.

Pairing devices with the SongBook MAX via Bluetooth is also seamless. Additionally, it supports FM and DAB+ digital radio, offering a variety of listening options.

The SongBook MAX also doubles as a guitar or microphone amplifier, making it useful for event organisers and musicians who are on the go

Image via Tivoli Audio

The 6.3mm input allows you to plug in your guitar or microphone, and with the toggle switch, you can easily switch to amplifier mode.

This feature is particularly useful for musicians seeking a portable solution for practice or impromptu performances.

Furthermore, you can play a Bluetooth track while using the amplifier, enabling you to play or sing along to your favourite songs.

That said, the SongBook MAX does have several minor shortcomings

Image via Tivoli Audio

While Tivoli Audio promises a battery life of up to 10 hours on a full charge, our tests showed it typically lasted between six and eight hours when continuously playing music via Bluetooth.

We also noticed Bluetooth connectivity issues when the SongBook MAX's battery dropped to its third and final bar. The music playing would abruptly stop or begin to lag.

For a device with a hefty price of RM3,499, the SongBook MAX comes with a USB-C to C PD charging cable but does not come with a power plug.

We hope Tivoli Audio considers including a detachable power cable in future iterations of the SongBook MAX, adding even more versatility to this already impressive audio device.

All in all, the SongBook MAX is well worth the investment if you're looking for a high-quality, versatile audio device for indoor and outdoor use

Image via

The audio device has plenty of strengths that outweigh its shortcomings.

Its robust build, rich sound quality, and versatile features make it a compelling option for anyone in the market for a high-quality portable speaker.

While its weight and price might be considered drawbacks for some, the overall performance and functionality more than justify these factors.

The Songbook Max is certainly a testament to Tivoli Audio's commitment to delivering premium audio products that appeal to both the ears and the eyes.

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