Kind Porsche Owner Charges Taxi Driver Only RM2.98 For Repairs After Accident

"You deserve to drive big car because you got a big heart."

Cover image via Fed Wu/Facebook

A Singaporean man's interaction with a taxi driver who accidentally scratched his Porsche recently went viral

On Thursday, 13 February, Fed Wu wrote on Facebook, "The day started with my car getting scratched. The taxi uncle also admitted it was his fault, there was no argument. He told me that times are bad and asked me not to claim against him. I accepted SGD1 (RM2.98) and moved on."

Image via Fed Wu/Facebook

The post has since garnered 4,100 shares and 4,000 likes.

The taxi driver initially paid Wu SGD200 (RM595.65).

However, he returned the money and only accepted SGD1 (RM2.98).

Image via Fed Wu/Facebook

Wu uploaded several screenshots of his conversation with the taxi driver.

He said, "I managed to get cheaper repairs. I understand that being a taxi driver during this period is hard and risky."

Then he asked for the man's bank account number and returned almost all of the money.

"I have acknowledged that I received a compensation of SGD1 (RM2.98) for the above repair and no further claims will be made against you," he added.

Image via Fed Wu/Facebook
Image via Fed Wu/Facebook

Netizens are moved by Wu's compassion

A user commented, "Fed Wu, people like you make the world a better place. Bless you, you are a good person! Respect to you."

Image via Fed Wu/Facebook

"Steady pom pi pi. You deserve to drive big car because you got a big [heart]," said another netizen.

Image via Fed Wu/Facebook

One person wrote, "Hi, just a rando passing through. Saw your post. Couldn't help but the need to post (sic)... Respect! Humility and empathy are rare traits nowadays."

Image via Fed Wu/Facebook

Check out the full post here:

A day started with my car got scratches. Taxi Uncle also steady admin his fault, no argument. Told me times are bad & ask me don’t claim against him. I accepted $1 & move on.

Posted by Fed Wu on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Well done, Wu!

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