Netizens Are Mindblown By M'sian Mum's Reason Why She Freezes Food In Ice Cream Containers

It's actually so logical!

Cover image via @xgpingx (X) & @addien90s (X)

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As a Malaysian, we all know the familiar feeling of disappointment when opening an ice cream tub from the freezer...

... Only to find your mum's frozen raw meat or fish in there.

Image via @ERAdotje (X)

However, since it's such a universal experience... Why do our Malaysian mums love keeping meat and fish in these used ice cream tubs anyway?

A son finally asked his mum for a reason and was enlightened by her simple, and very logical, answer

"I finally asked mum why she likes to keep frozen fish/meat in ice cream containers. It's just a simple reason lol," wrote X user, @xgpingx.

His mum told him: "If you use regular plastic container, it shatters easily when frozen. The ice cream plastic container is designed for frozen use and it's big enough ma."

"I've just achieved enlightenment," he wrote.

His tweet has since received over 35,000 likes, with Malaysians sharing their excitement over his mum's kitchen wisdom

Also, here's a bonus video by the X user to heal our collective childhood trauma:


Does your mum also keep meat and fish in the freezer in recycled ice cream tubs? Let us know in the comments!

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