Watch This Amused 'Gong Gong' Break Into A Smile As His Grandchildren Dance On TikTok

So pure.

Cover image via @tr1c14_ (TikTok)

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It's been a joyous time as families come together for reunion meals and catchups this Chinese New Year

Enjoying the festive period, two sisters from Singapore decided to post a video of them dancing on TikTok in their family home with a caption to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.

Little did they know that their video would soon blow up. 

As they were recording, they unknowingly had a really cute audience of one

Standing in the background was their grandfather quietly observing their entire dance routine, while the sisters carried on oblivious to their spectator.

In the middle of the dance, you can see a tiny smirk appear on his face, clearly amused by them both. He continued to watch them complete the dance before smiling to himself.

Tricia, one of the sisters, told SAYS that they actually didn't realise that their grandpa was looking at them and thought he was just making his coffee.

She said that they went to film their dance by the window because of the light— something that their family is used to as the girls often record things in that area.

Before hitting the record button, Tricia said they told their grandpa they were going to film as usual and he stepped back to give them some space.

"He isn't hearing very well and has back pains, so when I looked back at the video, I was shocked, as I didn't expect him to watch us and for the TikTok to blow up," she added.

Uploaded just four days ago, the video has since garnered over 288,100 plays and 33,000 likes.

The Internet is loving it and so are we!

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

So wholesome. You can watch the full video below:


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