This Hilarious Eraser Shows A Middle-Aged Man Balding The More You Use It

The more you rub, the more hair he loses.

Cover image via @issikazu20 (Twitter)

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A Japanese designer has come up with an adorable eraser of a middle-aged man who progressively balds as you use it to rub mistakes

Dubbed the Salaryman Eraser (サラリーマン消しゴム; sarariman keshi gomu), this is one of Ishikawa Kazuya's many innovative ideas that has gone viral.

He shared the idea in a tweet on 2 June, which has since received over 7,600 retweets and over 41,200 likes. Japan Inside also posted about it on Facebook, which has garnered over 4,500 shares since 12 June.

The first design is of a stressed middle-aged office worker, who starts off with a full head of hair and slowly loses it the more you erase

The more mistakes you make, the balder he becomes.

If that's not your thing, there's also a monk version.

The creator previously came up with other cute ideas, such as this envelope with a goat's 'chomp' on the corner and a pen holder that resembles a skirt

Unfortunately, all of these items are not actually for sale. But they're still pretty unique and entertaining.

You can check out more of his ideas on Twitter.

Want to actually get rid of unwanted hair instead? This 'magic' eraser works wonders:

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