10 Reasons Why We Couldn't Tahan School Prefects

They can really make life difficult in school...

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Ah, prefects. Teachers (especially disciplinary heads) love them. Us students... not so much.

Sure, some pengawas sekolah (school prefects) are pretty chill friends who may or may not be willing to "close one eye" when we not-so-purposely break the rules.

But let's all agree that in general, prefects can be quite an overzealous bunch when it comes to enforcing school rules. And that's coming from someone who used to be a prefect (me).

Yep, that's me as a prefect in primary school (right). God, I was such a nerd.

With a little input from former non-prefects, here are some of the many ways prefects have annoyed the heck out of their fellow students:

1. When you're whispering to your friend during perhimpunan and they yell at you to "Stop talking!"

"With all due respect, yelling is noisier than whispering." - John

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2. "Don't drag your shoes."

"I don't know if this happens in every school, but the prefects in my school always shout at us for 'dragging our shoes' when everyone's moving to their class after assembly. Seriously, it's friction! We can't help it!"

- Sarah

3. When they threaten to write down your name and denda (punish) you with demerit points

"There was this super psycho prefect in my school who gets really angry when other students don't listen to her, so she'll whip out her 555 book and demand for your name and class and student number etc. Sometimes she'll threaten to bring us to the guru disiplin or give us demerit points, but we don't really care 'coz we all think she's just power crazy."

- Priya

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4. When there's a surprise spot-check and they confiscate things that are not even on the haram list

"They took away my chocolate cake. Because it's chocolate, and chocolate is candy. What logic is this?!" - Ken

5. Going overboard when it comes to enforcing the school's strict dress code

"This still makes me angry when I think about it. Prefects in my school, they simply raba (touch) to check if you're wearing a camisole or not... WITHOUT ASKING. Fine, they're female prefects, but get. your. filthy. hands. off. me."

- Ruxyn

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6. When they refuse to follow orders from librarians or class monitors because they think they're at the top of the chain

"I used to be a librarian, and the prefects like to perli (tease) us because we have a position but no power. Sometimes, they like to purposely break library rules because they know we can't really punish them. So... just them being entitled morons lah."

- Gowri

7. When they say they have prefect duty, but it's actually just an excuse to skip class

"If you think prefects are this group of well-behaved, responsible group of people, wait 'til you see the prefects in my school. They always say they have duty or prefect meetings, but actually, they go to their special 'prefects' room' to lepak."

- Lionel

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8. When junior a.k.a. newly-appointed prefects try to show off their "power" to the senior students

"This always happens when they have to jaga kelas because the teachers are in a meeting or something.

First of all, RUDE. Second, even the head prefect is friendly with us, who are you to yell at us and order us around?"

- Praveen

9. When they act like angels in front of the teachers but you know that they're actually like IRL

"Okay, most of the prefects I know are my friends and they're quite chill. But there's always that one or two super kiss a*** prefects who like to follow the discipline teacher around and just basically doing all the angkat buntut things.

But when the teachers are not around, fuh... all the belang come out."

- Khairul

10. Literally every time they say, "Teacher say you cannot do this."

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Got a story about your school's prefects to tell? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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