Level Up Your Raya Outfit With These New Khakis That'll Help You Stay Cool & Light All Day

Don't just look good, but feel good too!

Cover image via Dockers Malaysia

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Dockers Malaysia. 

This Raya may be different and quiet but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the festive occasion in style, kan?

Whether you balik kampung or celebrate kat rumah, Dockers wants you to look your best this Raya while feeling cool and breezy with their latest khakis collection – Dockers Smart 360 Lite™!

Dockers previously included Smart 360 Flex™ and Smart 360 Tech™, and they've now added Smart 360 Lite™ to its lineup, which includes khakis and Polo tees as well!

All the khaki collections have four-way stretch technology, but what sets the Smart 360 Lite apart from the rest is that it is even more lightweight and comfortable. These long khakis are made through innovation and with sustainable materials, so they are sure to fit you comfortably and perfectly, especially in Malaysia's hot and humid weather.

Ultimately, you won't only look good, but feel good too!

Best of all, this collection comes in different fits, so there's bound to be a pair that will match your Raya OOTD nicely!

If you're looking for skinny, slim, tapered, or straight fits, the Smart 360 Lite has it all.

Plus, these fits come in various designs that work well for many occasions. You can check out the Ultimate Chino, Casual Chino, and Pull On Jogger if you prefer casual styles, while Workday Khaki gives a more professional or premium look, making it suitable for weekday wear. 

So, whether you're wearing a batik shirt, simple polo tee, or even a baju melayu top, these khakis are sure to match your Raya OOTD!

This collection is great for all-day wear too, as it comes with a flexible waistband for maximum comfort

It's Raya lah, so confirm gonna eat a lot, right?

You know how sometimes you eat until so kenyang that you gotta unbutton your pants just so you can breathe? Or when you sit for too long and you start to feel the strain as well as pressure on your tummy because of tight, rigid pants?

With Smart 360 Lite, you won't have to worry about any of that. The pants come with a performance-level stretch, so your waist won't feel any tightness at all.

In fact, the flexible waistband gives you up to an extra inch of flexibility, so you can makan to your heart's content and sit around comfortably for hours.

Besides looking sleek, the khakis are super breathable and light, which is especially great if the weather gets hot

Need to ambik gambar OOTD for IG? Don't let the hot weather in Malaysia stop you.

You won't feel the pants weighing you down as you pose, 'cause ain't no hot weather gonna stop you from looking your best.

Whether rain or shine, it's an innovation that keeps you light and comfortable, perfect if you're going to be out and about visiting your friends and relatives during the festive season.

Check out more cool looks to pull off with the Smart 360 Lite:

Wanna find out more? Check out Dockers' website to get more information on Smart 360 Lite and their other collections today!

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