The Watsons Raya Ad Is One Of The Best This Year. Have You Watched It Yet?

It's guaranteed to make you smile ^_^

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We're getting close to Raya! Besides lemang and rendang, some of the best things we look forward to every year are legit the ads!

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Have you watched the new Raya short film from Watsons yet? Ayda Jebat is seriously so funny, cute, and... kinda crazy lol. You gotta check it out yourself:

The video is low-key hilarious. (Seriously can't stop watching this GIF heehee).

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And even with all the funny moments, we love how the video perfectly captures the spirit of Raya and that special feeling you only get when it's time to balik kampung

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Let's be honest, the balik kampung journey can be stressful, long, and full of hurdles. So this video serves as a cute reminder that the reason we're going home is so much bigger than all of that!

When you put your heart into it, you're sure to have an extra meaningful Raya. Your bus home feels like a first-class jet, there's an air of music and dance everywhere you go, and your family. Is. ROYALTY. 

Because at the end of the day, there's no better feeling than going home to celebrate with the people you love

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In addition to their 'Ada Hati, Raya Menjadi-Jadi' short film, Watsons has released four awesome videos so you have the most "happening" Raya of all time:

1. Stay energetic and healthy on your journey home and throughout the festive period

2. Remain fresh and on point while you hop from open house to open house

3. Get that glow and look great from morning to night with these makeup secrets

4. Pamper yourself and feel good with these important skincare tips

What are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Watsons or shop online to enjoy a Raya celebration that's truly menjadi-jadi ;)

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