Starbucks China Introduces New Pork-Flavoured Latte For Chinese New Year

Sweet and savoury.

Cover image via Starbucks Reserve Shanghai Roastery (Weibo) & The Telegraph

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Starbucks China has released a new addition to its menu — the Lucky Savoury Latte — a pork-flavoured latte that has sparked mixed reactions across the Internet

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the roastery blended Dongpo Braised Pork Flavour Sauce with espresso and steamed milk, garnishing it with extra pork sauce and pork breast meat.

Dongpo pork, also known as Dongpo meat, is a famous Chinese dish made from braised pork belly. It originated in Hangzhou, China.

Pictures of the drink, shared on Weibo by the Shanghai Starbucks Reserve Roastery, show a dark red sauce drizzle on the latte foam, with a square slice of pork on a skewer placed on the mug's edge.

How does it taste?

CNN International Correspondent Marc Stewart visited an outlet in Beijing to try it and said it has a "sweet, savoury, salty mix", which wasn't overpowered by the barbecue flavour.

However, he noted that it did not come with the pork garnish as shown in photos.

Several others also expressed mixed feelings towards the drink, with one user on Xiaohongshu saying that while the latte looks strange, it turned out to be unexpectedly delicious, offering an "intriguing sweet and salty flavour".

Business Insider quoted one person as saying that it tastes more like fermented bean curd. However, they also mentioned that there was a slice of pork inside the coffee that was "delicious".

The drink is priced at 68 yuan (RM45) and is only available at 25 Reserve stores in China

TODAY reported that alongside the Lucky Savoury Latte, Reserve stores are also offering a Fortune Almond Macchiato, Red Date Rice Macchiato, and Black Sesame Latte until 26 February, or while supplies last.

Image via Starbucks/TODAY

This isn't the first time Starbucks has experimented with unique combinations. Last year, the coffee company introduced a range of olive oil-infused coffee beverages — called Starbucks Oleato — to promote the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

They're available in the US, Italy, Canada, London, Paris, Osaka, and Tokyo.

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