"We Were Hungry" — 4 Fined RM500 Each For Cooking Noodles At A Genting Petrol Station

One of them argued that the area where they cooked was not close to the fuel pumps.

Cover image via Harian Metro & FMT

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Earlier today, 21 May, four individuals — three women and a man — were fined RM500 each after pleading guilty to endangering others by cooking noodles at a petrol station in Genting Highlands on 12 May

They were all charged under Section 336 of the Penal Code of endangering life or personal safety.

The accused, Fadhli Zil Ikram Sazalin Isran Ji, 24; Nurfatin Irdina Shahrulnizam, 24; Nur Anis Salleh, 24; and Nur Azira Azman, 23; were charged with cooking using a gas stove near a petrol station.

According to the charge sheet, their action was deemed to have posed a threat to others. They were accused of committing the offence at 1.30am on 12 May, reported the New Straits Times.

Image via FMT

Magistrate Nadratun Naiem Zainan ordered the accused to face a three-day jail term if they failed to pay the fine

All the accused paid the fines.

Earlier, the accused requested a lower fine, stating that this was their first offence and that they were supporting their parents and siblings, reported Harian Metro.

Image via Harian Metro

Magistrate Nadhratun also questioned their actions, which involved cooking at a gas station and posting a video online

They claimed that it wasn't planned as their intended spot was full, but the magistrate pointed out the danger and questioned why they would share the video. One of the defendants argued that they only cooked because they were hungry, and that they were not close to the fuel pumps.

Magistrate Nadhratun: How did you get the idea to cook at a gas station?

Nurfatin: We didn't plan to cook at the gas station because we wanted to cook in another area, but that area was full. We didn't do it on purpose.

Magistrate Nadhratun: If it's not intentional, why did you end up uploading the video on social media?

Nurfatin: We admit it was our mistake.

Magistrate Nadhratun: You don't know the danger of cooking at a gas station?

Fadhli: We planned to cook in Genting Highlands but outside the gas station area. Many of us just want to fill up with petrol and sit there for a while. It happened spontaneously because we were hungry and we cooked there because the area was quite far from the fuel pumps; it [the cooking area] was close to the passage to the toilet. We thought the oil tank was on the other side.

The four accused outside the Bentong Magistrate's Court today, 21 May.

Image via Berita Harian

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