Dog Saves Widow In JB From Alleged Robber Who Was About To Rape Her

The suspect fled immediately.

Cover image via O Tak Tan (Facebook)

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A dog in Taman Istimewa, Johor Bahru recently saved the day when its bark chased a robber away

On Monday, 22 February, O Tak Tan took to Facebook to share that he was woken up abruptly by his neighbour's yelling early that morning.

He wrote that his neighbour, who lives opposite his house, was shouting that a robber had broken into her home.

So he immediately ran over together with his dog.

In the Facebook post, Tan revealed that "the suspect had used a blunt object to hit her after she put up a fight when he tried to rape her".

The victim's young daughter also began to shout for help. 

However, when his dog started barking, the suspect immediately fled empty-handed

In response to one of the comments, Tan wrote that he has been looking after the dog for the past three years after its owner moved away. 

His Facebook post has since been shared over 3,200 times, as many praised the dog for its actions

One person wrote, "Thank you and your dog. Feels safer to have a dog."

Others commented, "The hero saves the day" and "Thank you for you and your fur baby's bravery."

Dogs have proven time and time again to be faithful to humans even if it means putting their own lives at risk:

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