5 High-Quality Dashcams With Advanced Features For Your Road Safety

These devices are becoming more of a necessity than ever.

Cover image via Allan T. (Trapo) & Alessandro Avilés/Pexels

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Having a dashcam is becoming more and more of a necessity than a luxury accessory nowadays

While the Malaysian government has no plans to make the installation of dashcams mandatory, the importance of dashcams is paramount, especially in today's age of driving.

With the convoluted roads of Kuala Lumpur and the mind-boggling number of drivers on the road, it's important to have another set of 'eyes' to act as your witness in the unfortunate event of a road accident. Having video evidence is also handy in streamlining the claims process, potentially speeding up settlements and reducing disputes.

Dashcams can also help protect you against "crash-for-cash" scams, where drivers intentionally cause accidents to make fraudulent insurance claims.

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has come up with a handy database of high-quality dashcams for the convenience of consumers

Image via MIROS

The CAMSCORE is a star rating programme developed by MIROS in partnership with CyberSecurity Malaysia. It is part of the initiatives outlined in the Memorandum of Cooperation between the two organisations.

The CAMSCORE programme assesses and rates dashcam products in Malaysia, providing a star rating based on their specifications.

The initial phase (Phase 1) of the program evaluates dashcams using three predefined criteria: basic features, advanced features, and the Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS). The CAMSCORE programme helps consumers understand the quality of dashcams and ensures that their purchases are worth the price.

Here are some dashcam recommendations based on the CAMSCORE list and personal experiences

1. 70mai A800S - RM574

Image via 70mai

This dashcam is one of the few that records in a crystal-clear resolution of 4K, providing the utmost clarity. It also offers an improved ADAS package, which includes Lane Departure Warning, Front Car Reminder, and Front Car Collision Warning.

In addition to all the important features, when paired with the hardwire kit, the A800s features an around-the-clock parking surveillance system that records emergency videos while the car is stationary, triggered by sudden jolts and movements. The device will notify drivers if there is any new footage when they start the vehicle.

2. 70mai Pro Plus+ A500 - RM379

Image via Brady Betzel

Another 70mai product on the list, this dashcam offers almost the same features as the aforementioned A800s, but with slight differences.

The main difference between the A800S and the Pro Plus+ A500S is the recording quality. While the A800S records in 4k, the A500S records in 1944P 2.7K high-resolution, which is more than enough to capture crucial details on the road.

The A500S also comes with an ADAS package similar to the A800S, as well as parking surveillance if you opt for the hardwire kit.

3. Trapo i-SiGHT T-550 - RM549

Image via Allan T.

Trapo is a well-known Malaysian brand offering an array of high-quality car accessories. Their super functional car mats have put the brand on the radar of many discerning drivers and car enthusiasts in the nation.

Trapo has also expanded the brand to offer dashcams. The i-SIGHT T-550 dashcam records in 4K for maximum footage clarity. What sets the i-SIGHT apart from other brands is its use of supercapacitors instead of batteries, providing remarkable temperature resilience compared to lithium batteries. This makes it more durable and resistant to overheating.

The i-SIGHT also offers parking surveillance with the hardwire kit.

Check out our coverage of the i-SIGHT dashcam lineup here.

4. Lokatag Pro - RM1,799

Perhaps the most expensive offering on the list, but for good reason. The Lokatag Pro dashcam combines multiple devices into one, making it the first of its kind in the world! The Malaysian brand is aware of the daily struggle of drivers and decided to find a solution to them all.

The revolutionary 'Connected Toll Reader and Dashcam' offers much more than a standard dashcam. Lokatag Pro incorporates an automotive-grade e-SIM and various connected services, such as GPS tracking, real-time alerts, cloud remote control, and over-the-air updates. The inclusion of built-in sensors and a monitoring system elevates vehicle security by notifying users of any suspicious activities and geo-tagging incidents for potential video evidence.

5. DDPAI Mini - RM139

Image via DDPAI

The most affordable dashcam on the list, the DDPAI Mini forgoes the bells and whistles and focuses on what matters the most: capturing clear footage. The device has a built-in WiFi receiver that allows you to connect directly with your smartphone and view all the recorded videos.

The dashcam also has a subtle cable connector to prevent the cable from dangling around haphazardly after installation.

The DDPAI app also allows you to edit footage for you to share on your social media.

Honourable mention: 70mai Omni X200 - RM639

Image via Dasher Malaysia

Arguably the fanciest camera on the list, the 70mai Omni is the first dashcam in the world to include a 360-degree rotating camera. This allows the Omni to capture footage from any direction with minimal image distortion. Omni also hosts MaiX the bear, 70mai's mascot which serves your AI driving companion.

With the hardwire kit, the Omni is able to safeguard your vehicle by using AI to detect motion and record any potential threats.

The Omni is also equipped with a slew of assists such as Pedestrian Alert, Lane Departure, and Front Car Alert. Aside from that, the 70mai Omni comes with a built-in GPS and car finder to locate your car in a parking lot.

The best feature is the voice command, allowing you to instruct the Omni to capture footage from a specific direction, shoot a vlog, take a photo, or even take a selfie!

Check out the Omni in action below:

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