BMW Offers A Glimpse Into The 'Future Of EVs' With The Vision Neue Klasse X

The future of EVs looks innovative and exciting.

Cover image via BMW

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BMW has unveiled a new concept car called the Vision Neue Klasse X, which the automaker says will influence the design of its future electric vehicle (EV) models

Image via BMW

Named after the German phrase for 'New Class', this crossover SUV showcases BMW's iconic kidney-shaped grilles and incorporates several innovative features, particularly in its battery and electric architecture. This hints at promising developments in BMW's future lineup.

Image via BMW

For years, BMW has been strategising the next phase of its EV development. 

Dubbed the Neue Klasse, this third phase is slated to debut its initial vehicle by 2025. Leading up to this milestone, BMW has been steadily introducing new EV models, including electric versions of its 4, 5, and 7 Series, as well as the iX compact SUV.

Beyond its futuristic appearance, this car boasts advanced features under the hood as well

Much like its predecessor, the Vision Neue Klasse X offers a glimpse into BMW's future interior design direction. The minimalist interior draws parallels with Tesla's design philosophy, aiming to streamline analogue controls to a bare minimum.

While some controls remain on the steering wheel, most interactions are facilitated through a central infotainment screen, a voice assistant, gesture control, and a panoramic head-up display spanning the width of the windshield.

Image via BMW

BMW's new head-up display, dubbed Panoramic Vision, strategically projects information within the driver's line of sight.

Meanwhile, a separate head-up display capable of rendering 3D graphics replaces the traditional instrument cluster, presenting vital information such as automated driver-assist alerts and navigation guidance as immersive 3D animations.

Image via BMW

A novel feature showcased in the Vision Neue Klasse X is the HypersonX Wheel, a digital innovation offering personalised sound experiences. While specifics are scarce, BMW notes that this feature generates real-time sounds that can be tailored with a simple touch, promising a unique auditory experience for drivers.

Check out the trailer for the car below:

The Neue Klasse vehicles are undergoing development on a cutting-edge EV platform that promises enhanced power, efficiency, and rapid charging, courtesy of an 800-volt electrical system. BMW's proprietary drive and chassis control software are expected to maintain the brand's hallmark handling characteristics.

These new models will incorporate a next-generation battery featuring cylindrical cells, a departure from the current prismatic cell design. Combined with various enhancements, this advancement is projected to yield a remarkable 30% increase in range compared to BMW's existing lineup of EVs, as previously announced by the automaker.

Image via BMW

Prototypes of the production version were spotted during testing

It is being developed alongside a revamped version of the conventional petrol-powered X3 SUV. The electric variant of the SUV is likely to bear the name iX3, replacing the currently available electric-SUV.

BMW officially confirmed the SUV's production plans on Thursday, 21 March, adding that it will be manufactured at a new facility currently under construction in Debrecen, Hungary. With production slated to commence in 2025, it is anticipated to be introduced in the American market as a 2026 model.

Additionally, Neue Klasse EVs will roll off assembly lines at plants in Germany and China starting in 2026, with production in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, set to begin in 2027.

Image via BMW

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