Popular 60-Year-Old Chinese Aunty Sings English Songs With The Level Of Confidence I Need

Better than most karaoke music videos.

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Those whose first language isn't English will understand the difficulty of learning a new language, let alone singing in it

Despite this, one aunty in China has taken the Internet by storm with her renditions of popular English songs.

Li De Ru, a 60-year-old who hails from Chaoshan in Guangdong, China, has become famous for her unique takes on chart-toppers, such as Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max, Taylor Swift's Love Story, and Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head.

According to Mothership, Li first fell in love with singing in English when she heard the traditional English ballad, Scarborough Fair, a couple of years ago.  

Southern Metropolis Daily reported that she tried to learn the song on her own but could not get the pronunciation right. So, she decided to take lessons from a music teacher twice a week.

Today, she has gained millions of views on the Internet for her ability to sing over 50 popular English songs

Here's one of her videos that recently went viral:

Singing in English brings her joy, she told the Chinese media outlet

A recent video of her performance at a village event in Shengzhou skyrocketed her fame online.

Southern Metropolis Daily reported that Li has since created social media accounts with encouragement from friends and has posted over 30 songs.

Li sings using Chinese characters, incorporating English, Mandarin, and Teochew words to assist with her pronunciation.

Her goal is to learn at least 100 songs in English, expressing hope that she will be able to communicate in English with foreigners someday.

"Although I don't know the 26 English letters yet, I can say 'sit down please' and 'nice to meet you'," she told the Chinese media outlet.

A song sheet that Li used for practising.

Image via Southern Metropolis Daily

Li shared that, aside from English, she can also sing in Japanese, Thai, and Italian.

Additionally, she expressed her enjoyment of her later years and her anticipation of performing on a larger stage one day to spread joy through her singing.

Viewers have been showing their love for her videos, leaving comments filled with encouragement

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You can watch some videos of her that have gone viral:


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“love story” # # # #cover #

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