8 True Stories Of People Who Survived Some Of The Freakiest, Most Bizarre Accidents

Could you live with just half your head?

  • 1. This man who was betrayed by his toilet bowl when it exploded into a thousand pieces

    • Michel Pierre of New York City received a big surprise one day while checking the water pressure in his apartment. Following a maintenance in the apartment, Michel was checking how the toilet would flush but little did he know, an innocent tap would have led to the toilet blasting into tiny shards of porcelain shards.

    • His wounds required 30 stitches, and the understandably traumatised Michel now flushes from afar with using a rope.

  • 2. This tree surgeon who fell on a live chainsaw and almost beheaded himself

    • Tom Connelly was at work cutting a branch off a horse chestnut tree when he slipped and fell onto the chainsaw, slicing through a third of his neck. Numerous blood vessels in his neck were severed, including his jugular vein, and he missed his carotid artery by just 1mm – an injury that would have killed him instantly.

    • Despite losing six pints of blood, doctors were able to save him through an emergency vascular surgery. Incredibly, he was back at work after a five-week recovery period.

  • 3. This lady who was submerged in ice-cold water for 80 minutes but didn't let hypothermia have its way with her

    • Dr. Anna Bagenholm was skiing her favourite trail when she slid and tumbled headfirst into a mostly-frozen waterfall and ended up trapped under the ice. When rescuers arrived, she had been submerged for 80 minutes, and had no pulse.

    • After an hour-long flight to the hospital, the medic team began by warming up her blood and unbelievably, her heart started beating again. Even more surprising, Bagenholm did not suffer any brain damage.

  • 4. This lady whose airway was blocked because an umbrella got stuck in her throat

    • Sharon Palmer was chatting to her friend when she suddenly collapsed off a chair and landed face down on her umbrella. Gruesomely, the umbrella handle pierced fully into her cheek, and the material got lodged in her gullet, blocking her airway and preventing her from breathing. Miraculously, a friend managed to dislodge the umbrella before she was rushed to Salford Royal Hospital.

  • 5. This man who's getting through life with half a head

    • Carlos 'Halfy' Rodriguez, who also goes by the name Sosa, lost a large portion of his brain and skull in a crash after flying through his car's windscreen and landing head-first on the road. Doctors were forced to cut away large amounts of flesh and bone to help him survive and he has since been able to continue his life in Miami, Florida.

  • 6. This railroad switchman who fell off a train and lost half his body

    • Duncan Truman was riding on the front of a train car when he fell onto the track. For some 20 seconds, Duncan hung onto the car, trying to run backwards to escape being run over but he fell underneath the car, got caught in the undercarriage, and was run over by steel wheels supporting 20,000 pounds of dead weight.

    • The train came to a halt about 20 metres later, but Truman's entire lower half was still trapped under the wheels. Remarkably, he remained conscious and calmly called 911 for help.

  • 7. This woman who suffered from internal decapitation (yes, her head and her spine were not connected at some point in her life)

    • Shannon Malloy was involved in a car crash that resulted in the severing of every single ligament and tendon connecting her skull to her spine. At the hospital, five screws were drilled into her neck, while four more were drilled into her head to keep it stabilised before a circular metal bar was attached for support. Malloy recounted that her neck had slipped five times during the procedure.

  • 8. Then there's 'The Luckiest Man Alive' who survived SEVEN near-deaths including jumping out of a plane and LANDING ON A HAYSTACK

    • Frane Selak's daring dances with death include:
      - a train ride gone awry that went plunging into an ice-cold river
      - jumping out of a crashing plane (without a parachute!) and landing on a large haystack
      - a bus ride that ended up skidding into a river
      - jumping out of his car moments before it exploded
      - driving a car that had flames blowing through the air vents
      - being knocked down by a bus
      - crashing through a mountain-road barrier and almost plunging down a 300-foot cliff

    • Fun fact: In 2003, he bought a lottery ticket for the first time in 40 years at the age of 74 and ended up winning the million-dollar prize.

  • On the bright side, at least these accidents happened in the comfort of Planet Earth

    • Luckily, most of them were in the presence of quick-thinking people who called for help, and they had also received treatment from highly-skilled medic teams.

  • But here's a thought: Would they have been so lucky if they had been victims of the same freak accidents... on Mars?

    • As if the average temperature of -60° is not discouraging enough, the planet does not contain any liquid water on the surface, and is a hotspot for devastatingly destructive solar storms.

  • Could a stranded astronaut on The Red Planet survive the planet's impossible elements and find a way home?

    • Find out in Ridley Scott's The Martian, landing in Malaysian cinemas on 1 October 2015. For those who take outer space survival very seriously, go all the way with 3D screenings.

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