Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Feel Good Stories Malaysians Read And Shared In 2019

Look back on some warm, fuzzy moments before the year ends.

Cover image via Hyza Ezany/Facebook

Can you believe we’re at the end of 2019 already? It's been one heck of a year and while we're excited for 2020, we're also reflecting on the year that has passed.

This year end, U Mobile is giving back to the community with their #HolidayGrooves campaign, where you'll get the chance to end the year by doing some good and giving to others. More deets at the end of the story!

But first, let's take a look at some of the best feel good stories we read and shared in 2019:

1. Earlier this month, the Internet came together in an effort to reunite a lady in Melaka with very special RM10 note

Facebook user Hyza Ezany uploaded a post in an effort to search for the owner of a special RM10 note. A sentimental message of "The last cash given by dad on 21/5/2010 Friday 7.10am. I love you, dad," was scribbled on the note.

The post went viral in just a day and actually managed to reach Anne Malar Yesudass, the owner of the note. She kept it from 21 May 2010 until 1 September 2018, before losing it in a theft. The precious note was the last thing given to her by her father before he passed away.

We're so glad that the meaningful note is now back where it belongs. :')

2. We were super touched when this friendly motorcycle gang showed up at this single dad's doorstep with a RM25k donation

After his wife passed away from breast cancer in 2016, Mohd Zain Abdullah had to take care of his children, three of whom have cerebral palsy. One of his relatives sent out a WhatsApp message asking for help to buy diapers, food, medication, and a wheelchair.

That's when a group of kind-hearted Malaysian motorcyclists rose to the occasion to help this single father and his special needs children in Kelantan. Nearly 250 gang members rode together to the single father's home to present him the gift of RM25,140.

I guess that's what it means when they say sharing is caring.

3. Remember this viral Twitter post about a group of Form 5 students pranking their beloved teacher?

In the video, a pair of students pretended to get into a heated argument in the classroom before taking it outside. This caused their teacher Puan Nor to run after them in a panic and pushing herself between them in an effort to break up the fight.

Turns out, it was all part of a prank to get her outside, where other students joined them with a cake to surprise their beloved teacher for her birthday. Puan Nor can be seen hugging her students after the prank was revealed, exclaiming "I was so scared you would get expelled!".

The bond between teachers and their students is truly a very special one.

4. Our hearts couldn't handle it when firemen in Kedah saved a helpless little kitten from drowning during a storm

Having been caught in a freak storm, the poor little kitty was left hanging on to its life from the roof of a house in Kedah. Thankfully, the men of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia came to its aid.

At first, it seemed like the drenched white kitten wouldn't make it, but the firemen proceeded to perform CPR, saving it's life. Our hearts seriously couldn't take it when it finally started meowing weakly. It was then seen chasing after the firemen, before they wrapped it up in a towel.

AHHHH TOO CUTE! *heart eyes*

5. Back during Raya season, a viral Twitter post ended up kickstarting the #DuitRayaMovement

The movement called for netizens to give out duit raya to those who had to work during the festive season, such as toll booth operators, security guards, petrol pump attendants, and more.

It all started from a single Twitter post by @amin_jamean, in which he gave duit raya to a Starbucks barista. Other netizens were inspired to do the same, and Twitter was soon filled with posts from everyone sharing their stories of either giving or unexpectedly receiving duit raya.

The #DuitRayaMovement definitely helped make this year's Raya season extra special!

6. By building a swimming pool from scratch for her kids, this super-mum from Terengganu truly proved that women can do anything

Hezline Atherra impressed netizens when she took to Facebook to share how she built a swimming pool from scratch for her kids. In the post, she wrote "I'm not privileged, but this small garden pool is enough to make me happy, as long as I get to see my children play and grow up in front of my eyes."

With a budget of RM5,000, Hezline managed to build the mini pool within just a month. She told SAYS that she had been planning this project for three years now and always had a rough sketch of how she wanted the pool to look like in her head.

We take our hats off to Hezline and other super-mums everywhere!

7. And finally, in a true display of how united Malaysians can be, a group of people from all different races came together to help flip an overturned car

Who would have guessed that an overturned car would end up demonstrating just how united Malaysians can be? When what seemed to be a Honda Stream overturned somewhere in Kampung Medan, Petaling Jaya, a group of about 10 men gathered around the car within seconds.

Consisting of several young men, an elderly pak cik, a topless anneh, and some motorcyclists who were passing by, the group pushed twice in unison and successfully managed to return the car to an upright position.

Thankfully no one in the car was injured and many netizens flocked to social media to celebrate Malaysians' unity.

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