"Thank God I Live In Malaysia" — Netizens Praise LRT After Seeing This Metro Station In US

Many Malaysians expressed gratitude for the train systems in our country.

Cover image via @hamalsiren (TikTok)

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Malaysians are expressing appreciation for our local train services after seeing a video of a train station in Los Angeles, US

In a video posted on Sunday, 21 January, TikTok user @hamalsiren shared his experience of taking the LA Metro in an underground station.

The 25-second video shows the trash-strewn train station filled with homeless individuals sleeping on the ground and seats.

The video captures a man vomiting on the floor near a bench cluttered with clothing, believed to belong to homeless individuals.

When @hamalsiren gets on the train, he witnesses many commuters taking up more than one seat, noting in the caption, "The coach is smelly due to homeless people sleeping here."

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 220,000 views and 8,200 likes

After witnessing the poor hygiene at the train station in Los Angeles, many Malaysians expressed gratitude for our well-maintained local Light Rapid Transit (LRT) and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines operated by Prasarana.

"So, actually, we Malaysians should be proud. Our [public transport] system is cleaner," said a netizen, while another added, "We Malaysians must be grateful for what we have."

One person wrote, "Malaysia's LRT is more beautiful."

A TikTok user mocked the idea that Malaysia should model its progress and cleanliness after Western nations, suggesting that these countries have issues more severe than Malaysia's.

Image via TikTok

"I'll not complain about LRT and MRT anymore," added a TikTok user.

"Malaysia [is] better," read a comment, with a smiling face with heart-shaped eyes emoji.

"No wonder mat salleh (white people) keep on saying our public transport is clean, because it is," noted a person.

Meanwhile, several netizens also expressed their appreciation for living in Malaysia.

Image via TikTok

LA Metro is grappling with a surge in crime rates and a decline in ridership, especially after the pandemic

According to the Los Angeles Times, violent crimes at the metro service were up by 72% in the beginning of 2022, and only 11% of riders said that they felt safe taking the train at night.

To address the problem, LA Metro allocated over a hundred million dollars to tackle both the crime rate and homelessness.

@hamalsiren's video can be found below:

@hamalsiren POV as a marhaen traveler ke Los Angeles naik Train/subway #LA #losangeles #POV #fyp original sound - Hamal Siren

Meanwhile, individuals with disability can take public transport for free beginning 1 February:

Let's continue to keep our public transportation clean:

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