Videos Of Discarded Rice & Sardine Cans Burning At Pahang Garbage Site Go Viral

It is alleged that the food was thrown away by a politician who lost in the 15th General Election.

Cover image via Facebook

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Images and videos showing bags of rice and canned sardine being set on fire at a garbage site in Temerloh, Pahang, have gone viral on social media

The photos and videos are believed to have surfaced on Facebook and TikTok yesterday, 18 April.

The captions of the various posts claim that the incident occurred on a shortcut leading to the Rumpun Makmur-Kampung Gunung Senyum area.

It is believed that passersby who witnessed the burning shared the videos and photos on social media.

The footage shows the burning of hundreds of 10kg bags of rice and a substantial quantity of canned sardine. Some of the cans can be seen charred black.

Some photos also show dozens of boxes and bags of flour and rice vermicelli discarded at the scene.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

According to the New Straits Times, no one has yet to come forward to claim responsibility for the wasteful act

The English daily, citing reliable sources, reported that the rice and other food items were discarded because they had expired and gone bad after being stored for too long.

However, the viral posts show that certain products, such as instant coffee, had yet to expire.

A social media user claimed that the act was carried out by a politician who had lost in the 15th General Election.

They added that the food items were intended to be distributed to flood victims in the Temerloh and Maran districts in January.

SAYS has reached out to several individuals who contested the parliamentary seats in the Temerloh and Maran districts for more information, but has yet to receive a response.

Image via Facebook

Below is one of the viral videos of the items being burned:

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