From LOL To WTF, Here Are Some Of The Most Ridiculous Things People Did In 2018

Oh god!

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As 2018 comes to an end, it's time to look back at some of the things people did that made this year, let's just say, an eventful one.

P.S: There is no particular methodology used in the compilation of the stories in this list, only how people and their actions appear on the face of it.

A woman was filmed on video onboard a Ural Airlines flight to Moscow making the most of her air travel time by drying her underwear using an overhead air vent on the plane

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And some kids in China showed us how much they love peeing in public, with one getting some instant karma

Back in April, while a father was filmed lifting his son in midair out of a moving car's window to let him urinate in public, in two other instances, kids simply peed on lifts.

One of the kid was stuck in the lift right after he peed all over the buttons, as the doors failed to open and the control panel started to blink in a manic fashion.

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A lot of people found the idea of throwing things like chairs and bicycle parts too tempting to resist from their upper floor balconies and windows. It didn't matter to them, though, that in doing so they damaged property, injured one in Gombak Setia and killed another in Pantai Dalam.

While the latest incident happened in November, where a 19-year-old received 15 stitches to his scalp after being struck by a bicycle's part that someone threw from an upper floor of a PPR Flat in Gombak Setia, a 15-year-old boy died on the spot in January after he was struck by a falling chair at a low-cost apartment in Pantai Dalam.


Posted by Shin Min Daily News on Saturday, 20 January 2018

Speaking of which, back in January, a passerby stole a schoolboy's phone as he lay dying after being knocked down by a van outside a mall in Jalan Tun Razak in JB

Meanwhile, in southeastern Jiangsu Province, an online vendor was so furious at one of his customer who filed a complaint against him that he travelled some 860km to Zhengzhou just to beat the female customer up

As a result of the assault, the woman suffered a concussion, fractures in her left elbow and light injuries over her face and body. While she was getting treated for her injuries in hospital, the vendor sent her a message, claiming that he had travelled all night from Suzhou, more than 500 miles away, just so he could "teach her a lesson".

Image via Shanghaiist

Talking of being ridiculous, a Taiwanese man divorced his wife of over a decade, claiming that she bathes only once a year, subjecting him to a form of "psychological torture"

The man claimed that the situation wasn't bad when they were dating. She would bath once a week, however, after they got married, things got worse. A decade later, the wife stopped bathing weekly and would only take a shower once a year.

Allegedly, the wife's once a year bathe routine would take six hours.

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And in Dalian, a port city in Liaoning province, a surgeon got so greedy that he asked his 20-year-old patient for more money midway through the operation

The patient, identified only as Jiang Meng, was diagnosed with cervical erosion. While the surgeon was carrying out the surgery, Jiang was told that she had another medical problem that also needed urgent attention. However, it was unnecessary.

The surgeon then presented her with a card printed with a QR code and said the additional procedure would cost 1,860 yuan (USD286).

The patient, who had only 600 yuan in her account at the time and left with no choice at the operation table, had to use her WeChat Pay account to pay part of the add-on money. She cleared up the difference later, according to a local media report.

Image via ABC News

In a truly bizarre incident that took place in February, an Indonesian man murdered his pregnant neighbour simply because the poor woman kept telling him to get married

"The suspect revealed that the woman asked, 'Quickly get married! Why aren't you married yet?' Those words affected him emotionally," Garut police force said.

He felt so insulted that he went to her home and strangled her to death.

Image via Mulut Puaka

Back in March, Malaysians were shook after a Sessions Court judge allowed a so-called 'Datin' to escape jail time for brutally assaulting her maid simply coz she "repented"

While the judge's decision meant that the woman gets to walk out 'free', escaping jail time despite causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons to her maid, judge Mokhzani, for some reason, said it does not mean that "the accused had been freed".

The year 2018 also gave us a certain group of people who somehow felt compelled to "chup" parking spots by standing over them. The phenomenon reached its peak when the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) stepped in to say people caught doing this will either be fined or jailed.

While condemning the action as irresponsible, PDRM also warned that it may not only lend people who "park" themselves in trouble but can also be dangerous.

"What is clear is that this is an irresponsible and annoying act and endangers personal safety," read the statement posted on PDRM's Facebook page.

First-time offenders will face a fine of up to RM2,000 or imprisonment of up to six months, a second conviction will double the penalty.

Image via FB

Back in May, on a live talk show, a caller decided to out his perversion when he told the show's guest Nurul Izzah that he can "see your underwear, we can see your breasts"

And in a further show of men driving perverse joy by committing outrageous acts, two men killed a pregnant cat by putting it into a Gombak laundromat's dryer. They were seen cracking up at what they thought was funny.

Similarly, at a launderette in Bukit Sentosa, an uncle decided to put his nephew into a washing machine for fun

On the other hand, while a man in Singapore faked his own death to avoid paying the money he had borrowed from his female friend, a man in China pretended to get robbed and slashed himself to avoid buying his girlfriend a luxury car

The incident in Singapore happened in December, where a "soft-hearted" girl went through months of chasing after a guy who had borrowed RM79,000 from her and later faked his own death by putting a "death" announcement on own Instagram account.

And the incident about the man in China pretending to get robbed, who slashed his own arm to fool his girlfriend, happened back in August. 

Image via Shangaiist

To end this compilation of the ridiculous things people did in 2018 here's a story about an Indian man, arrested for molesting a woman onboard a Singapore Airlines flight, who claimed that he didn't "know the laws of Singapore"

While the Indian national pleaded guilty to the molestation charge and was jailed for six months, he promised that he would never again "touch any woman".

"I do not know the laws of Singapore. I have not done this back home in India before. I will not touch any woman again. I will not come back to Singapore again," he said.

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